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Here are some trivia and interesting facts about the film ‘The Ugly Truth’ (2009).

Butler and Craig Ferguson are very good friends in real life and Gerald had appeared in his show several times and on-air too he appears on his show ‘The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson’ as a guest.

The film was circulated under the title ‘Helpful Advice’ in the theatre.

This was the first collaboration between the actor Katherine Heigl and the director Robert Luketic. After ‘The Ugly Truth’ they also worked together in ‘Killers’ (2010).

There is a wrestling scene in the film where Butler is enjoying in the Jell-O with two twin girls on air. He ad-libbed the lines ‘‘I can still taste you. You know what I mean.’’

The character of Butler is a male chauvinist man’s man, to understand this persona, he actually went behind the scenes of Adam Carolla’s namesake podcast to observe him in order to prepare for his role.

The orgasm scene in the movie is actually a reference to the similar restaurant scene in When Harry Met Sally (1989).

The movie poster of this movie was shown in the background at the movie theatre in Happy Ending (2014).

When Abby gets out of the car outside the LA Hotel in the film, her dialogue is actually not what she is seen saying.

The climax sequence that takes place in the climax, the one with the hot air balloon is seen to be in or near Sacramento. However, the festival is not permitted in Sacramento due to fire hazards, which is actually very rare.

The hot air balloon festival actually takes place in Temecula which is 450 miles away from the on-air location in Sacramento.

When Abby is on a date with Colin at the baseball game, the score visible is 4-1. even after the team hits a running score single, the score seen does not change.

The cast members in the film refer to their morning station as a network program or just network, however, it seems to be a local TV Station only.

When the boss is making the announcement of Mike’s new segment, there are framed pictures of both presenters Cheryl Hines as Georgia Bordeney and John Michael Higgins as Larry Williams. The pictures actually keep shifting places repeatedly.

Abby is holding a glass of liquor when the protagonists are sitting in the bar after Craig’s show however one doesn’t mostly notice that the presence of glass and quantity of the liquor keeps changing between the shots.

Mike asks Abby if she is calling from Europe when they first connect on air during his show however it is technically wrong because it is simply not possible for Europe to receive the streaming of his show.

It is incorrectly believed that Mike’s dialogue- “Irish Craig Ferguson” is wrong because Craig Ferguson is not actually Irish, however, the viewer must know that here he is actually teasing Abby’s attempt to speak in a Scottish accent and not referring to the presenter.

The basket and balloon lines move while the characters in the hot air balloon, but the film’s camera doesn’t move with it. It remains still.

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