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The film ‘The Ugly Truth’ was released on July 24, 2009 in North America by The Columbia Pictures. The storyline of the movie revolves around two conflicting characters Abby Richter and Mike Chadway and how their relationship evolves over time.
Abby Richter, played by Katherine Heigl works as a TV producer of a morning show in Sacramento, California. She is absolutely perfect at her job and knows how to handle every workplace problem like a pro. Her boss is not very happy with her show since it is not meeting the desired ratings and wishes to take an action as soon as possible before their show gets canceled. Abby is tensed but goes out on her scheduled date as she had postponed it three times already. She maintains a background check, checklist, and control freak attitude which scares the guy away. She comes back disheartened, but her sadness turns to anger when her cat steps on the remote and puts on a local TV show called The Ugly Truth featuring Mike Chadway, played by Gerard Butler. He bluntly talks about relationships and their double standards. Abby, a true believer of love, calls on the show live chat and they get into an argument about the existence of a ‘perfect man’. He hangs up on her saying she can’t face the truth.
The very next day her boss announces that he has hired Mike to host a segment in the morning show infuriating Abby to an extent that she locks herself up in the storeroom. But to their surprise, Mike’s segment proves to be extremely successful owing to its honesty, wit, and the piece where through his charm he fixes the relationship crisis between his married co-hosts Georgia and Larry. He uses inappropriate language and has no control over his acts on air which continues to disturb Abby, and Mike too find her controlling and negative.
At night while attempting to rescue her cat from a tree, she ends up getting tangled and gets stuck. Her new handsome and charming neighbor Colin (Eric Winter) comes and saves her. He is a surgeon and treats her feet, meanwhile, she is completely mesmerized by him.
The next day with much apprehension Abby agrees to strike a deal with Mike, he promises her that he can set her up with Colin, if he is successful then she must work wholeheartedly with him. He trains her with respect to her dressing sense, hair, style, behavior and prevents every aspect of her control freak attitude. He teaches her how to make a man wait and attract him towards herself. She follows all his instructions without realizing the amazing connection developing between them. Their plan works and Colin asks Abby out. They spend some wonderful holidays together, as their relationship develops, so does the friendship between Abby and Mike. He gifts her a vibrator as a joke since she confesses that she has not had sex in the last eleven months. She wears it and ends up going to a producers’ meeting where a child catches hold of the remote. All throughout the evening, Mike gets a laugh as she struggles to handle herself.


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